At Straight we were an early pioneer of e-commerce and we have been selling on line for more than 10 years. We have our own websites where our goods can be bought in small quantities. We also have a series of sites which we run with partners such as water companies and local authorities.

Our websites:

Binsdirect website preview


Specialising in wheeled bins, office recycling bins and other recycling containers.

Evengreener website preview


Focusing on recycling, water conservation and energy saving, evengreener.com is the natural choice and a great way to make any home or garden even greener.

Savewater website preview


A website dedicated to saving water and offering a wide range of equipment to help.

Getcomposting website preview


Buy discounted home compost bins and accessories on line. Search throughout the UK with a link to the best offer in each area.

Caddyliners website preview


Buy discounted compostable caddy liners on line. Postcode search throughout the UK with a link to the best offer in your area.

Please note that offers only apply within the operational areas of each company.