At Straight we are passionate about the environment. After all, our products and services are geared to improving environmental performance across the board.

Statement and Commitment

At Straight we are passionate about the environment and we have invested considerable resources in understanding our impact. We seek, meet or exceed all applicable regulations and minimise or eliminate our environmental impact wherever possible. We incorporate the principles of sustainable development into our decision-making and management procedures and promote a culture of continuous improvement based upon the company’s stated objectives and the BS ISO 14001: 2004 standard.


We are accredited under ISO 14001, the internationally recognised Environmental Management System. This demonstrates our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing waste. Our production site has set a target of zero waste to landfill.

Use of Recycled Materials

We aim to make the most efficient use of all resources and to promote this philosophy in all our work. The use of materials is minimised wherever possible and a hierarchical policy of
reducing, re-using and recycling wastes is adhered to. Waste materials that have the potential for re-use or recycling (internally or externally) are segregated accordingly.

The use of recycled polymers is a key driver to our environmental performance with the carbon footprint of products made from recycled plastics being significantly lower than those made from virgin material. Upwards of 80% of all polymer processed through our plant is recycled. The materials we use are carefully sourced and monitored to ensure no reduction in the quality of the products we manufacture.

Carbon Footprint

Every year since 2007, we have had our emissions calculated by an independent party with an aim of reducing these emissions year on year. We measure our impact against each £1000 turnover and against each tonne of polymer used . Our goal is to reduce emissions by 15% from 2009 to 2014 against these benchmarks was met by the end of 2012 with a 20% reduction per tonne of material used and a 26% reduction based on turnover. Further improvements are ongoing and it is anticipated that further reductions will be reported in the future.

Carbon Reduction Label

The Carbon Reduction Label demonstrates that a product is working to reduce its carbon footprint. Gaining accreditation involves a full life cycle analysis of the product resulting in an estimate of the carbon footprint. A reduction target is then agreed over the two years ahead. Where a product is made from recycled plastic the footprint is much smaller. We are working hard to get more products accredited as soon as possible.

The Carbon Footprint Assessment for 2010 will shortly be updated with new information for 2011 and 2012.

For more information about the Carbon Reduction Label click here. Please see the Carbon Reduction Label logo on specific product pages.

Please see our Quality and Environmental Policy for further details.

Energy Efficiency

The Straight offices are located in a building that has been built using a high quality curtain wall system which provides large efficiencies in terms of solar control and thermal insulation. The use of energy for heating and lighting is monitored and measures are taken to ensure that it is not excessive. The company is constrained by its position as a tenant, but will endeavour to use its influence and that of other tenants to encourage energy efficiency. All staff are advised to avoid leaving electrical equipment on when their use is unnecessary. Energy efficiency is also taken into account when purchasing new equipment and installations.


The company encourages the use of public transport by staff both for the purposes of commuting to work and for necessary business travel. Straight Ltd also operates a Cycle2Work incentive for all staff. This policy is promoted to interviewees and associates. Environmental criteria, including fuel efficiency and pollution potential, is taken into account when leasing or hiring vehicles.

Suppliers and Contractors

Straight Ltd will work with suppliers and associates to ensure they recognise the impact of their products and transportation on the environment and that they comply with environmental legislations. We seek to use suppliers and contractors whose operations are managed in an environmentally acceptable manner, compatible with our own standards and practices. The purchase of all goods and services takes into account their impact from cradle to grave. Recycled and refurbished goods are selected when they are available to the required standard.

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