Household Composting Scheme for Mauritius

A man adding the contents of his kitchen caddy into a garden compost bin

Straight Ltd has supplied an export order of 22 thousand of its award winning Compost Converter home compost bins to the Republic of Mauritius.

The Mauritian government is one of many who are imposing stricter environmental controls. As a consequence, local authorities on the island, which is situated in the Indian Ocean, have been set limits for the amount of waste they can send to landfill. This is due to the cost of landfill increasing. To address these issues, the Government is introducing a pilot project that will reduce the biodegradable fraction of waste disposed of via this route.

Straight Ltd is supplying 220 litre Compost Converter compost bins as a part of a home composting scheme set up by the Mauritian government, targeting 12 thousand households in Mauritius and nearby Rodrigues. This aims to increase and encourage participation of the householder in environmental conservation and management.

The scheme is to be implemented by the Maurice Ile Durable Fund and will provide each household with a free compost bin along with an instructional DVD and leaflet.

The composter chosen is the UK’s best-selling home composting container with more than 3 million units supplied to date. It is the first choice of local authorities and end users, as has been extensively proven over more than a decade.

Home composting is an effective and simple way of turning most kitchen and garden waste into a rich soil conditioner. The bin is made from recycled plastic and is guaranteed for 10 years.