Waste Recycling Products

Man placing a wheeled bin into a bin housing.

Our extensive waste recycling products are unrivalled and include recycling products for almost every element of the domestic and commercial waste streams. We have specialist solutions for organic waste, dry recyclables, hazardous waste and workplace recyclables. Solutions are available for the collection, storage and transportation of different materials, either for recycling or for other forms of disposal.

A further selection of products is offered to help improve resource efficiency, including a wide range of environmental garden products and accessories such as rainwater butts and home compost bins.

Our range is always growing as we continue to anticipate trends and needs in order to deliver innovative new products.

For more information on our product range please download our brochure.

Product categories

Two food caddies side by side
Food Waste Recycling >
We have a wide range of market-leading food waste collection containers for both indoor and outdoor use
Two curbside boxes for recycling stacked on each other
Kerbside Recycling >
Our market-leading kerbside recycling containers set the industry standard and are the most widely used in the UK
Two workplace recycling bins
Workplace Recycling >
Our workplace recycling solutions are designed to make the source separation of waste for recycling in the workplace or office simple and more accessible
A modified 220 litre green wheelie bin
Plastic Wheeled Containers >
We offer a broad range of plastic wheeled bins, customisations and modifications as well as complementary products.
Four wheeled steel bin with a red lid and a plastic recycling label
Metal Wheeled Containers >
Our high-specification steel bins are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to offer industry-leading quality at a competitive price.
A blue wheelie bin with a lock to ensure privacy
Secure Containers >
A range of tough and durable containers designed for confidential document collection and disposal.
Black hexaginal bin with a blue door and recycling label
Outdoor Recycling >
We offer a range of outdoor waste and recycling solutions for the collection of a variety of materials and for “recycling on the go”
A pink battery tube half filled with batteries
Hazardous Handling >
We provide a range of innovative and unique containers specifically for the collection of hazardous waste, such as batteries.
A green garden compost bin
Home Composting >
As the UK’s leading supplier of home composters, we offer a fully comprehensive range of home compost bins and accessories.
A green 190 litre water butt
Water Saving >
We offer a selection of market-leading water butts available from 100 litres upwards, as well as accessories. In addition, our range includes other water saving devices such as tap adaptors and shower flow regulators.
A green watering can
Garden Products >
We have a range of environmental garden products designed to help improve resource efficiency including home composters and water butts. Other products include the leading Starcan™ watering can
A blue dustbin with lid
Hardware Products >
Our durable and cost-effective hardware products are suitable for use either in industry or in the home and cover numerous users and applications

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