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Food Waste Recycling

Food Waste Recycling

Our container range leads the market for collecting food waste both inside and outside of the home. Proven in the field, the Kerbside Caddy and our range of Kitchen Caddy products have helped many local authorities to achieve their recycling targets. Liners which are both 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable are available to fit all of our caddies with custom sizes available too.

Solid Kitchen Caddy 150x150

Solid Kitchen Caddy >
Designed to sit on the kitchen worktop for the collection of 2-3 days worth of kitchen scraps.

Kitchen Caddy 150x150

Vented Kitchen Caddy >
Specifically designed for use with compostable liners, the aerated surfaces of the caddy increase airflow, allowing liquid to evaporate reducing the weight of the contents.


Kerbside Caddy >
Market-leading caddy for the collection of food waste at the kerbside. Has a host of features ensuring best suitability for purpose.


Compostable Liners >
100% compostable and biodegradable liners available in a range of sizes and gauges - compatible with all of our food waste containers.

25ltr Yellow EcoCaddy SMALL THUMBNAIL

EcoCaddy™ >
With all of the features of the hugely popular Kerbside Caddy in a selection of larger sizes.

EcoCaddy Plus Image

EcoCaddy™ Plus >
Larger capacity containers including a protruding aperture allowing access to all of the containers simultaneously when stacked.


Food Waste Wheeled Container >
Including a custom lid with a small food waste aperture and a slam lock - for the collection of food waste in communal areas.


Wheeled Container Housing >
Improves aesthetics whilst protecting a wheeled container and its contents. Includes an aperture which ensures the contents of the container are not visible.


Food Waste Steelybin® >
500 litre capacity and fitted with a hopper-type aperture to keep the contents hidden and a foot pedal for hygienic opening.