Compostable Liners

A women removing a full compostable liner from her kerbside caddy

Our compostable liners are 100% compostable and biodegradable. They’re designed to fit our kitchen and kerbside caddies and for other applications too. The liners are made with cornstarch, a renewable resource that is grown and harvested in a single season. The corn used is grown without irrigation and is not suited to either human or animal consumption.

The Compost-a-Bag® material will break down in a composting environment in the same time as a leaf, generally around 45 days. Because the bags need moisture and microbes before they start to break down, they remain tough and secure until the composting process starts.


Compostable Liner in a five litre Vented Kitchen Caddy

Designed for Straight Caddies

  • Designed for our range of kitchen and kerbside caddies
  • Printed with compostable soy-based inks


Compostable Liner in a 10 litre Vented Kitchen Caddy

Fully biodegradable

  • 100% compostable and biodegradable
  • Certified to EN13432 as being compostable
  • Made from cornstarch polymers breaking down to carbon dioxide and water only



Compost-a-bag caddy liner next to a five litre kitchen caddy

Optional Graphics

  • Custom graphics can be printed on the liners
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit any container
  • Supplied on rolls or in packs for optimum postal rates
  • Various gauges available to suit any application



Size Gauge Width




Liners per roll
14 micron To fit 5 or 7 litre caddies 390 350 Rolls of 26

Bespoke gauges and sizes are available on request


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