Food Waste Steelybin®

A cheif emtying food waste from a kerbside caddy into a four wheeled bin labelled food waste

The four-wheeled 500 litre Food Waste Steelybin® is perfect for locations where large amounts of food waste are collected, such as communal recycling points or restaurants. Features include a pedal operated food waste aperture to prevent material contamination and keep the contents hidden from view and a lid lock to keep the contents secure.


A green four wheeled steel bin outside a restaurant
Steelybin® body

  • Manufactured from 1.5mm thick steel panels for added strength

A silver four wheeled bin

  • Internally welded seams prevent any water ingress
  • Also increases longevity

Large curved handles on the side of the four wheeled bin
Danish handles

  • Danish handles fitted as standard to offer proven health and safety benefits
  • Improves manoeuvrability

Lock on the top of a blue four wheeled bin
Lid lock

  • Fitted with a triangular lid lock as standard
  • Keeps the contents secure

A metal and rubber castor on a blue four wheeled bin

  • 200mm swivel and brake castors
  • Allows controlled manoeuvring of the bin

A curved base on a blue four wheeled bin
Steelybin® base

  • The sump base aids stability when the bin is moved
  • The single piece pressing improves stability overall

A large metal hinge connecting the base to the lid on a blue four wheeled bin

  • Extra hinge knuckles are fitted as standard for added strength

A comb design in the metal lip of a silver four wheeled bin
Comb edge

  • Compatible with all standard lifting equipment

temp water mark
EN840 certified

  • Certified to EN840 and fully compliant with noise level regulations

temp water mark
Food waste aperture

  • Fitted with a small aperture to avoid contamination
  • Shute design keeps the contents hidden from view

temp water mark
Foot pedal

  • Foot pedal to operate the food waste flap allowing hands free use

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Drain plug

  • Enables the discharge of any retained liquid
  • Enables easy cleaning

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Chip housing

  • Integral chip housing under the rim


Custom graphics with the word 'plastics' written on a silver four wheeled bin

  • Custom graphics can be applied to various locations on the bin

A traditional after market lock securing the lid of a four wheeled bin

  • Triangular locks are supplied as standard
  • Padlock fitting version available as an option

A metal cylindrical device applied to the bin to help lifting systems

  • Optional trunnions suitable for all lifting systems

A red four wheeled bin on a road

  • Standard finish is galvanized steel
  • Can be powder coated in a wide range of colours

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RFID chips and scanning

  • RFID ready to monitor usage and location of the bin

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Other Steelybin® options available:

  • Central locking brake
  • Internal welded identification numbers
  • Towing kits
  • Spare parts










2500 litre Steelybin specification breakdown