Home Composting

A man adding the contents of his kitchen caddy into his compost bin.

As the UK’s leading supplier of home compost bins, we have an extensive range of best-selling composters. A variety of composting accessories such as base plates, kitchen caddies and aerators are also available, as are supporting services.


A green 220 litre garden compost bin
Compost Converter >
The UK’s best selling home compost bin and the first choice with householders and local authorities.
Kitchen composter with a bag of bokashi bran
Kitchen Composter >
Achieves 100% home composting by taking all food waste including meat, fish and dairy. Through the use of Bokashi bran, the material is made safe to compost in a traditional compost bin.
A large green Thermo King composter
Thermo King >
Manufactured with insulating properties allowing the heat generated by the composting process to be retained within the bin, speeding up the composting process.
Caddyliners next to a kitchen caddy
Composting Accessories >
A variety of accessories designed to complement our range of home composters.

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