Kitchen Composter

A women emtying food waste into a kitchen composter

Traditional home composting is not appropriate for cooked food, meat or dairy products. The Kitchen Composter enables a 100% home composting rate by tackling all of these types of food waste using a natural bran-based activator called Bokashi. After a fermentation process taking just a few days, the material can be safely composted in a home compost container or compost heap without attracting vermin.


Food waste being added to a kitchen composter from a wooden chopping board on a kitchen counter
100% home composting

  • A 100% home composting rate is possible

Food waste being added to a kitchen composter from a wooden chopping board
Food waste

  • Takes all food waste including meat, fish, dairy and cooked foods

Food waste being added to a bokashi system
Compact size

  • Compact 18 litre container
  • Sits neatly in the kitchen or can be kept outdoors

A bag of bokashi bran.

  • Bokashi bran coated in friendly bacteria is added to the contents
  • Bokashi includes Effective Micro-organisms (EM) probiotics

The kitchen composters tap in use
Liquid feed

  • Fitted with an inner drain tray
  • Allows liquid feed to be collected and used diluted as plant food
  • May also be poured down drains to improve sanitation

The tap and bokashi scoop on a kitchen composter

  • A scoop is included for adding the Bokashi
  • Also serves as a drain cup for collecting the liquid feed

The top of a kitchen composter with a lid
Air-tight lid

  • Tight fitting lid to ensure anaerobic conditions
  • Also ensures no odours escape

A handle off a kitchen composter

  • Sturdy handle for ease of carrying

A colourful set of instructions for a compost converter

  • Supplied with full instructions

A handle off a kitchen composter
Home composter

  • Short fermentation process takes around 14 days
  • Then the contents can be buried in soil or placed in a home composter

Made in Britain logo
Made in the UK

  • Proudly made in our own factory

temp water mark
Effective Micro-organisms

  • EM is a natural blend of beneficial microorganisms
  • These help the quality of the compost eventually produced
  • The body of the Kitchen Composter also includes EM ceramics
  • This helps speed up the fermentation process


temp water mark

  • Available in silver with a black lid or all black

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Kitchen Composter Kit

  • Can be supplied with one or two composters

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  • Supplied in a 1kg or 3kg bag










Kitchen composter specifications blueprint