A 3BoxStack on the kirbside ready for collection

The 3BoxStack™ is a multi-box recycling container that assembles neatly into one easily manoeuvrable unit enabling multiple material streams to be collected at once. The 3BoxStack™ maximises source separation potential and labour efficiency whilst taking up the minimum possible footprint.


Three boxes stacked on each other on a trolley with wheels

  • Tough and durable, allowing all three boxes and contents to be effortlessly wheeled to the kerbside in a single journey
  • Removes the need for lifting
  • Minimises the need for assisted collections

Apertures on the front of the boxes allow easy access deposit waste even when stacked
Front apertures

  • Allows materials to be easily placed directly into the boxes without the need for lifting and separating

Two stacked boxes with a 3rd on the ground ready to be added to the stack
Stackable boxes

  • Creates smaller unit footprint

temp water mark
Top box can be split into two

  • Creating a total of four separate container spaces

The inside of a green stackable box
Wipe clean interior

  • Wipe clean smooth interior ensures no dirt traps

Made in Britain logo
Made in the UK

  • Proudly made in Britain


Custom graphics on the stackable boxes

  • Can be customised with print on the on box body or aperture flaps



3BoxStack™ (height with handle)

660 x 700 x 1040

660 x 700 x 1140