Ergo Kerbside Box

A man in a collecting kerbside recycling

The market-leading Ergo Kerbside Box has been proven beyond doubt with more than 14 million units supplied in the UK alone. As the undisputed market leader, the Ergo Kerbside Box continues to set the pace with its feature-rich design.


Large handles on the side of a green kerbside box
Ergonomic handles

  • Integrally moulded into the two short sides
  • Designed for safe lifting and tipping even when wearing gloves

A lipped rin at the top of the kerbside box
Perimeter rim

  • Perimeter rim is segmented for added strength
  • Enables the box to securely hang onto the side of the collection vehicle

two boxes stacked at a 90 degree angle

  • Multiple boxes can be stacked onto a single footprint to save space
  • Each container can be accessed whilst stacked

Two boxes stacked directly on top of each other so one is nested in the other

  • Boxes nest for efficient delivery
  • Reduces storage space when empty for multi-box schemes

Gaps in the inner wall of the kerbside box to allow slats to be added to create compartments
Multiple divider positions

  • Dividers can be added to create compartments within the box

A RFID chip housing on the side of a red kerbisde box
Chip nest

  • Chip nest houses a standard RFID chip for 30mm diameter
  • Positions on long side and short side of container

Holes in the bottom of a blue kerbside box
Raised drain holes

  • Prevent soiling to floors in the home
  • Allows the controlled release of any collected rainwater

Carbon Trust Logo
Carbon Reduction Label

  • The label shows that the carbon footprint of this product has been certified by the Carbon Trust
  • We are working to reduce the carbon footprint of this product
  • See Specification tab for specific footprint information

Made in Britain logo
Made in the UK

  • Proudly made in our own factory


Two sizes of kerbisde box next to each other

  • Two sizes are available: 44 and 55 litres
  • The two sizes nest and cross stack with each other
  • With a lid, the two sizes will stack on top of each other

Custom graphics indicating this box is for cans and plastic bottles only
Printed graphics

  • Custom permanent printing of logos and instructions possible
  • Print may be applied to box or lid

Words moulded directly into the side of the kerbside box
Mould-in-relief graphics

  • Graphics can be permanently moulded into the box surface

A blue box divided into two sections, for paper and plastic.

  • Optional divider can be fitted in three different positions
  • 50/50, 60/40 and 40/20/40 splits are possible
  • Permanent or removable divider designs available

A black net covering the top of a blur kerbside box thats full of plastic to be recycled
Windproof net

  • Easy to fit, quick-release elasticated net
  • Ties to the box – quickly and easily covers contents
  • Allows overfilling hence increasing usable capacity
  • Prevents material blowing away
  • Rapidly removed for emptying

A black lid on top of a blue kerbside box
Windproof lid

  • Snap-fits to the box keeping the contents secure and dry
  • Rapid removal for servicing
  • Sits horizontally inside the box once emptied

A plastic covering that uses elastic to secure itself over the top of a kerbside box
Box cap

  • Waterproof cap made from woven polypropylene
  • Fits over the rim to allow overfilling whilst keeping the contents dry

A red kerbside box being carried along the ground by wheels and a carry string
Wheel Kit

  • Easy to fit
  • Bolts through the existing drain holes
  • Reduces the need for assisted collections

A kerbside box being pushed by a carry trolley
Kerbside trolley

  • Long handled trolley enables the box to be wheeled to the kerbside on collection day

A housing for RFID chips on the side of a kerbside box
Chip nest

  • RFID chips can be fitted at the time of production or retro-fitted
  • Allows tracking and monitoring of participation

A barcode in an indent in the plastic that frames the label
Barcode frame

  • Frames can be moulded into the box to protect a barcode label and ensure correct positioning

A coucil worker in a high vision vest carrying a red kerbside box thats full of recycled material

  • Available in a range of standard colours
  • Custom colours on request














Carbon Footprint

Product Carbon Footprint
44l box 1.70
55l box 2.00
Lid 0.55
Divider 0.34

Carbon Trust logo
Download the carbon footprint information for our Ergo Kerbside Box.

44l Ergo Kerbside Box

Kirbside caddy specification breakdown

55l Ergo Kerbside Box

Kirbside caddy specification breakdown


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