40 & 55 litre

Mother and daughter sorting recycling

The Inner Caddy converts a standard two-wheeled bin into a recycling station with two compartments, allowing a dual-stream collection within the space a single wheeled bin occupies. Two material streams can be kept completely separate to avoid contamination – for example paper can be kept away from glass.


A Large blue inner caddy inside a green wheelie bin
Fits a standard Wheeled Bin

  • Nests in the rim of a 240 litre wheeled bin
  • Allows full closure of the lid

A large blue caddy in use by a mother and child
Easy access

  • Easy access to the main compartment of the bin when the caddy is in place

Two large ergonomic handles on the top of a inner caddy
Multi-grip handles

  • Ergonomic multi-grip handles allow easy lifting and handling

A man lifting an inner caddy out of a bin
Base profile

  • Easy-lift base profile provides a simple tilt-and-slide release for removal

An indented grip area on the base of the inner caddy
Base grip

  • Recessed base tipping handle offers greater control when emptying

Honeycomb pattern in plastic provides more strength

  • Reinforced honeycomb rim for additional strength and durability

A smooth interior inside the inner caddy
Smooth interior

  • Rounded corners allow the caddy to be easily cleaned

Drain holes placed in the inner caddy
Drain holes

  • Drain holes positioned at the base and the rim to allow water run through

Carbon Trust Logo
Carbon Reduction Label

  • The label shows that the carbon footprint of this product has been certified by the Carbon Trust
  • We are working to reduce the carbon footprint of this product
  • See Specification tab for specific footprint information

Made in Britain logo
Made in the UK

  • Proudly made in our own factory


Two large inner caddies in red and blue
Colour options

  • Available in a range of standard colours
  • Custom colours available on request

A custom recycle sign on an inner caddy

  • Instructions and graphics can be printed onto the caddy

Two carry handles on the top of an inner caddy
Handle inserts

  • Two full round grip handles can be colour coded
  • Option of moulded-in graphics

Gaps in the caddy wall to fit dividers

  • Optional dividers and multiple divider positions further segregate materials

temp water mark
RFID ready

  • Multiple chip nest locations allowing a standard RFID chip to be used














Carbon Footprint

Product Carbon Footprint
19l caddy 1.60
40l box 1.90
55l caddy 2.60

Carbon Trust logo
Download the carbon footprint information for our Inner Caddy.

40 litre Inner Caddy specification breakdown
55 litre Inner Caddy specification breakdown


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