Kerbside Caddy

A women adding her kitchen caddy waste into a kerbside caddy for pickup

Specifically designed for UK food waste collections, the Kerbside Caddy delivers a feature rich solution. Our market-leading solution has been extensively proven over a number of years.


Thick plastic walls in the kerbside caddy
Strong walls

  • Strong, thick wall section for strength and durability
  • Double wall section at rim to increase longevity

The kerbside caddies carry handle
Carry handle

  • Single piece handle stands 630mm high – no bending to lift

The kerbside carry being picked up by its back handle and front lid
Back handle

  • Practical back handle offers great control when handling and tipping

The handle and lid close to form a secure lock
Hinged locking lid

  • Simple, robust and proven locking mechanism
  • When handle is upright or forward the lid is securely locked
  • Ensures contents are protected from the elements
  • Nothing spills if the container is knocked over

The kerbisde caddies base recess for additional grip
Base grip

  • Recessed and textured grip in the base
  • Enables the container to be easily tipped and emptied

The kerbside caddies smooth interior is easy to wipe clean
Wipe-clean interior

  • Smooth wipe-clean interior
  • Rounded corners prevent dirt becoming trapped

A lip on the lid allows users to easily grip and open the lid
Shell grip area

  • Grip at the front provides ergonomic handling

The design featires no lid pins making the caddy more durable
No lid pins

  • No handle or lid pins to replace
  • Reduces breakages – if lid is detached it is simple to fit back

Raised lid allows water to run off the caddy
Raised lid

  • Lid profile enables water run off
  • Prevents water pooling – especially useful if freezing

A tracking chip embedded in one of our products
Chip nest

  • A standard RFID tag can be used with a simple optional chip nest
  • The chip nest slides securely into place

Carbon Trust Logo
Carbon Reduction Label

  • The label shows that the carbon footprint of this product has been certified by the Carbon Trust
  • We are working to reduce the carbon footprint of this product
  • See Specification tab for specific footprint information

Made in Britain logo
Made in the UK

  • Proudly made in our own factory


A black kerbside caddy with a customised image on the front

  • Caddies can be customised with print on the body and lid

A highly visible indicator on the kerbside carry handle

  • Highly visible indicator – fits to the back hinge
  • Enables residents to simply notify collection crews when new liners are needed
  • Manufactured from tough, flexible rubber
  • Can be fitted during manufacture or retrospectively

A tracking chip embedded in one of our products
Chip nest

  • RFID chips can be fitted at the time of production or retro-fitted
  • Allows tracking and monitoring of participation

Kerbside caddy colour choices

  • Available in a range of standard colours
  • Other colours available on request










Carbon Footprint


Carbon Footprint (KgCO2e)

23l caddy


Carbon Trust logo
Download the carbon footprint information for our Kerbside Caddy.

Kirbside caddy specification breakdown