A rubbish bag filled with plastic bottles being placed into a silver four wheeled bin

Developed in consultation with key contractors, local authorities and waste management companies, our Steelybin® range offers customers the ultimate solutions for trade and recycling waste. The Steelybin® also provides fantastic value for money as it includes a range of features as standard. All Steelybin® models are fully certified to the EN840 standard.

For more information download 10 things you didn’t know about Steelybin®.


A green four wheeled bin outside a restaurant
Steelybin® body

  • Manufactured from 1.5mm thick steel panels
  • For added strength and quality without compromise

A close up on a base of a silver four wheeled bin with a Straight logo on it
Welded seams

  • Internally welded seams prevent any water ingress
  • Increasing longevity in the field

Large handles on the side of a red four wheeled bin
Danish handles

  • Danish handles fitted as standard
  • Offer improved manoeuvrability and health & safety benefits

A locking mechanism on a blue four wheeled bin designed to stop the lid benig opened
Lid lock

  • All container lids are fitted with a triangular lid lock as standard
  • Prevents unauthorised access and protects contents

A close up of a black lid on a blue four wheeled bin
Steelybin® lid

  • The double-skinned roto-moulded lid is ultra strong and durable
  • Design encourages water run-off

The base of a red four wheeled bin
Steelybin® base

  • The one-piece pressed base reinforces the strength of the container

A close up of a sumped base in a blue four wheeled bin
Sump base

  • The sump base aids stability when the bin is moved

A large metal hinge on the back of a four wheeled bin

  • Extra hinge knuckles are fitted as standard for added strength

A close up of a silver four wheeled bin with a red lid
Comb edge

  • Compatible with all standard lifting equipment

The castors on the base of the four wheeled bin

  • 200mm swivel and brake castors
  • Allows controlled manoeuvring of the bin

temp water mark
EN840 certified

  • Certified to EN840
  • Tested in accordance with EU noise level regulations

temp water mark
Drain plug

  • The drain plug enables the discharge of any liquid in the container
  • Facilitates easy cleaning

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Chip housing

  • Integral chip location under the comb


A blue four wheeled bin

The Steelybin® is available in four sizes:

  • 500 litres
  • 600 litres
  • 700 litres
  • 1100 litres

A close up of a black lid on a four wheeled bin
Lids – Trade Waste
A lid with two holes in for recycling bottles
Lids – Bottle and can recycling lid
A lid with a large aperture for paper
Lids – Paper
A custom graphic on the frount of a silver four wheeled bin

  • Custom graphics can be applied to various locations on the container

A lock fitting for a standard padlock fitted into the lid of a four wheeled bin

  • Triangular lock supplied as standard
  • Packlock fitting available as an option

A silver funnel fitted to the side of a silver four wheeled bin to aid lifting equipment

  • All Steelybins® can be fitted with trunnions suitable for all lifting systems

A hatch fitted to the base of a bin that can be opened to reveal the contents of the bin without opening the lid

  • A drop-front allows access to the contents without opening the lid, ideal for heavy materials

A red four wheeled bin

  • Standard finish is a galvanised coating
  • Additional powder coating in a wide range of colours available on request

temp water mark
Other Steelybin® options available:

  • Central locking brake
  • Internal welded identification numbers
  • Towing kits
  • Spare parts

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RFID chips

  • Integral chip location
  • Allows monitoring of usage and recording of container location






















500l Steelybin®

500 litre Steelybin specification breakdown

660l Steelybin®

660 litre Steelybin specification breakdown

770l Steelybin®

770 litre Steelybin specification breakdown

1100l Steelybin®

1100 litre Steelybin specification breakdown