Resource Efficiency

At Straight we encourage resource efficiency through two key strategies: encouraging water saving and promoting home composting.

Helping householders with a range of water saving equipment, we are also involved with most UK water companies in programmes where products are either issued free to the householder or are sold at a discounted price. Supplies are backed up with a strong educational message.

Home composting saves money and CO2 emissions and is encouraged by almost all recycling professionals. We have a fully developed programme to help householders compost their garden waste and much of their kitchen waste too. This can cost our local authority partners little or nothing with immediate results and a forecast of long-term gains.

All of these products are also available for purchase through our various webshops.

A man emptying his kitchen caddy into a garden compost bin
The National Home Composting Framework
A green vented kitchen caddy
Caddy liner sales
A Rainsaver water butt in situ
Water Conservation
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A black compost converter in a garden
Home Composting
A large Magnum Harcostar water butt in a garden
Water Saving