Caddy Liner Sales

Compostable liners next to a vented kitchen caddy

Our 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable kitchen caddy liners are now available ex stock in special post-friendly packs via

Using a postcode search, customers can identify which council area they fall under. This will then automatically connect them to the right offer with liners tailored to suit the caddy or caddies in use.

The liners are predominantly made from a bioplastic derived from corn starch, an annually renewable resource from maize grown without irrigation, saving both energy and money. These crops are not suitable for animal or human consumption.

Straight liners will completely break down in the correct composting environment in about 6 weeks, a similar time to that taken by a dry leaf. Liners should be used for 2-3 days and are then suitable either for collection at the kerbside or for composting at home.