Straight cuts CO2 from products by up to 45%

A green Kerbside Caddy

Over 70 of Straight Ltd’s products have been recertified to the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label, having delivered between 19-45% reductions in CO2 emissions over the past two years.

Most of the market-leading waste and recycling containers made by Straight at its state-of-the-art factory in Hull bear the Carbon Reduction Label, including kerbside boxes, food waste caddies, wheeled containers and inner caddies, compost bins and water butts.

The Carbon Reduction Label demonstrates that products have undergone an assessment of their total greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of the product lifecycle, including production, transportation, preparation, use and disposal.

Straight was first awarded the Carbon Reduction Label in 2011 by undergoing a rigorous process through which a detailed lifecycle analysis was carried out and then audited by the Carbon Trust under the PAS 2050 standard. This standard was developed by the Carbon Trust in partnership with Defra, and was the world’s first standard for measuring product greenhouse gas lifecycle emissions.

Straight has made a commitment to long term reductions in its emissions and a recertification of all previously labelled products has now been completed as is required every two years.

The 2013 assessment has demonstrated that Straight has achieved significant reductions in CO2 emissions across a wide range of its products since the original certification in June 2011. This is due to increased throughput of recycled material in the Straight Hull manufacturing facility and energy efficiency savings.

A number of newly launched products will shortly be put forward for certification too.