One Plastics Group Invests in bin company Straight Ltd

One of the new Engel machines installed at the Straight facility in Hull

OnePlastics Group, a conglomerate of six plastic businesses owned by Investment company One51 plc, has invested a ‘seven-figure sum’ to acquire two new injection moulding machines for subsidiary Straight Ltd, a manufacturer of wheeled bins and recycling containers.

Both of the 100-tonne and 800-tonne duo injection moulding machines, produced by Engel, have three axis robots and further investment in digital printers will enable automatic printing in line with the moulding process. They will be used to produce the 3BoxStack recycling bin system (pictured), a colour-coded, vertical-stacking unit that can be mounted to a durable trolley for wheeling to the kerbside.

The group has said it hopes the new machines will also allow the Hull-based bin manufacturer to increase production and develop new and ‘innovative’ recycling products.

This investment is part of an ongoing strategy by the OnePlastics Group to drive long-term organic growth in the six businesses in its portfolio: Straight Ltd, AAC Technology, AAC Structural Foam, MGB Plastics, Protech Performance Plastics and Protech Plastic Containers.

In July, the group made a similar investment for a 2700-tonne Krauss Maffei injection moulding machine for wheeled bin manufacturer MGB Plastics’ Rotherham factory.

OnePlastics Group was created last year by One51 plc, a move that saw the company’s six manufacturing businesses and US-based design office come together under one brand. Straight Ltd was added to the portfolio after its purchase in August 2014.

The group now has a combined turnover of around £150 million and employs 450 people.

‘Investment will help drive innovation in recycling and waste management industry’

Karl Stillman, OnePlastics Group Sales Director, said: “OnePlastics Group is committed to innovation and leading the market with products that will revolutionise the recycling and waste management industry.

“Our strategy is to strengthen and invest in all parts of our business to achieve this objective and these new machines will help with production and help develop new products.

“Straight has made a substantial investment in new product innovations over the years such as new faster cycling tooling for its kerbside box, the 3BoxStack and food waste caddy ranges and this investment will help continue this drive.

“We are confident that our ongoing investment programme will enable us to consolidate our leadership position in our chosen markets for all the businesses in the OnePlastics Group for many years to come.”

Find out more about the OnePlastics Group.

Household Composting Scheme for Mauritius

A man adding the contents of his kitchen caddy into a garden compost bin

Straight Ltd has supplied an export order of 22 thousand of its award winning Compost Converter home compost bins to the Republic of Mauritius.

The Mauritian government is one of many who are imposing stricter environmental controls. As a consequence, local authorities on the island, which is situated in the Indian Ocean, have been set limits for the amount of waste they can send to landfill. This is due to the cost of landfill increasing. To address these issues, the Government is introducing a pilot project that will reduce the biodegradable fraction of waste disposed of via this route.

Straight Ltd is supplying 220 litre Compost Converter compost bins as a part of a home composting scheme set up by the Mauritian government, targeting 12 thousand households in Mauritius and nearby Rodrigues. This aims to increase and encourage participation of the householder in environmental conservation and management.

The scheme is to be implemented by the Maurice Ile Durable Fund and will provide each household with a free compost bin along with an instructional DVD and leaflet.

The composter chosen is the UK’s best-selling home composting container with more than 3 million units supplied to date. It is the first choice of local authorities and end users, as has been extensively proven over more than a decade.

Home composting is an effective and simple way of turning most kitchen and garden waste into a rich soil conditioner. The bin is made from recycled plastic and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Inner Caddy Success for Birmingham

A bin man tipping an inner caddy into a waste truck

Straight Ltd, the environmental products and services group, and the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of waste and recycling container solutions, has recently been awarded a £1.4 million contract with Birmingham City Council to supply more than 300,000 of its 55 litre Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy. The Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy converts a standard two-wheeled bin into a recycling station with two compartments.

Residents will use the main compartment of their wheeled bin to collect dry recyclable packaging, whilst the Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy will be used to collect both paper and card. The contract follows a successful trial in 17,000 households, where the product proved very popular with residents.

The combination of the Straight Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy with a standard wheeled bin provides a much neater, more organised and effective solution for the collection of recyclables. The market leading internal caddy converts a standard wheeled bin into a recycling station and allows a dual-stream comingled collection within the space a single wheeled bin occupies. Additional containers are not required to separate collected materials and less ground space is used. Two material streams can be kept completely separate thereby avoiding contamination. The Inner Caddy is also available in two other sizes; 19 litres and 40 litres.

In 2013 Straight also unveiled the Food Waste Inner Caddy, which is similar to the standard Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy except it features a caddy handle and a close-fitting lid, making it perfectly designed for the additional collection of food waste within a two wheeled container.

Straight cuts CO2 from products by up to 45%

A green Kerbside Caddy

Over 70 of Straight Ltd’s products have been recertified to the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label, having delivered between 19-45% reductions in CO2 emissions over the past two years.

Most of the market-leading waste and recycling containers made by Straight at its state-of-the-art factory in Hull bear the Carbon Reduction Label, including kerbside boxes, food waste caddies, wheeled containers and inner caddies, compost bins and water butts.

The Carbon Reduction Label demonstrates that products have undergone an assessment of their total greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of the product lifecycle, including production, transportation, preparation, use and disposal.

Straight was first awarded the Carbon Reduction Label in 2011 by undergoing a rigorous process through which a detailed lifecycle analysis was carried out and then audited by the Carbon Trust under the PAS 2050 standard. This standard was developed by the Carbon Trust in partnership with Defra, and was the world’s first standard for measuring product greenhouse gas lifecycle emissions.

Straight has made a commitment to long term reductions in its emissions and a recertification of all previously labelled products has now been completed as is required every two years.

The 2013 assessment has demonstrated that Straight has achieved significant reductions in CO2 emissions across a wide range of its products since the original certification in June 2011. This is due to increased throughput of recycled material in the Straight Hull manufacturing facility and energy efficiency savings.

A number of newly launched products will shortly be put forward for certification too.

New Product – Food Waste Inner Caddy

A brown food waste inner caddy

Straight Ltd is proud to present its latest solution for food waste recycling, the Food Waste Inner Caddy, affectionately known as the FWIC.

The FWIC is a revolutionary and innovative product, creating two recycling streams inside a single 140l wheeled bin. Whilst the dual-stream concept has been seen before with the Straight Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy, the use of a lidded container with folding carry handle for food waste is a completely new concept.

The product was created in response to a request from Bournemouth Borough Council who were looking for an innovative food waste solution which would provide an insert system incorporated in their current refuse bin, requiring no additional bins at the property and on the street. During 2012 the council approached Straight Ltd to discuss ways in which the market-leading manufacturer of waste and recycling containers could facilitate the advancement of their ideas.

Straight was chosen to lead the project due to the company’s unrivalled expertise in inner caddy manufacture and its reputation for excellent product development skills. Positioning on all of the major container framework agreements was also a prerequisite in order to facilitate the procurement which was placed through the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO).

With a 12 litre capacity, the FWIC will hold roughly 6-9kg of food waste, dependent on the density of its contents. Bournemouth expects an average yield of 1.25kg/ per householder per week and will issue a Straight 23 litre Kerbside Caddy to any large families generating more than this amount.

The dimensions of the caddy were also important in order to accommodate larger food waste items such as chicken carcasses and potentially two to three bags of food waste per week.

The 12 litre insert can be used inside the 140 litre wheeled bin, avoiding any additional containers on the street or outside properties and only takes up 50% of the 140 litre bin aperture, allowing residents to deposit their residual refuse in the bin without needing to lift the insert out. It can also be used as a standalone container if residents wish, with its locking lid and carry handle.

Georgina Lamb, Waste & Resource Projects Manager at Bournemouth Borough Council commented,
“Aligned with our comprehensive communications campaign use of the new inner caddy containers should demonstrate value for money, increase recycling performance and deliver significant environmental benefits through waste reduction.”

Straight dragons welcome Apprentice star

Straight Ltd playing host to South Leeds Academy's children.

Straight Ltd welcomed a group of Year 7 students from South Leeds Academy into the Boardroom of their riverside offices to take part in a project designed to assist schools situated in challenging areas.

The class of 11 to 12 year olds took part in the ‘Enterprising Days’ scheme, a venture designed by star of The Apprentice , Claire Young, to educate and inspire young people with business related tasks such as: product development; brainstorming ideas; customer service; marketing, social media and use of the web.

Seven groups were invited to pitch designs for a new recycling container to a panel of senior members of the Straight management team who evaluated the concepts and chose a winning and runner up team. As well as team awards, the Straight Ltd ‘dragons’ gave prizes for best logo, best slogan and best teamwork.

Winning entry was from Team Flawless who designed ‘The Hydro’, a wheeled bin with a ball wheel, a slow-close lid and solar powered compaction. The bin was to be made from card soaked in resin in order to keep it lightweight.

In second place was the ‘Green Buddy,’ a compacting bin with blades in the bottom to shred the contents, allowing for the storage of a larger volume of material. The group also introduced an incentive scheme with their product. People using this bin get a token to exchange for “nice stuff”.

Claire Young said,

“I was blown away by the creativity and professionalism of the year 7 students who visited Straight’s boardroom to pitch their ideas. They were confident, polite and overall really enjoyed the experience. I’m a great believer that it’s critical to give young people opportunities like this, have off site visits and a taste of the real world!”

Straight butts are top of their class

A barrel shaped water butt in a garden

Straight Ltd water butts under the Harcostar® and BeGreen® brands have cleaned up in a survey conducted by Which? Gardening.

A total of 19 products were tested including butts from Ward and Sankey. Testing covered ease of use, flow rate and mosquito prevention.

Straight secured every one of the top five Best Buy water butts, all made in its UK factory. Manufactured using high quality recycled materials and renewable energy, all come with a five year guarantee as standard. Two more Straight butts under the BeGreen® brand also made the top ten list.

Harcostar® butts featured in first, second and third place. Sizes range from the 100 litre Space Sava Water Butt up to the 350 litre Magnum. All Harcostar® butts are made to the highest quality standards and are pre-drilled for both inlets and tap. A heavy-duty tap is included.

The Harcostar® 168 litre capacity water barrel scored first place with its wide top aperture allowing for a standard sized watering can to be dipped in as an alternative to using the tap. The water barrel was also praised for having an extremely close fitting lid, creating a safe barrier and reducing the risk of algae growth and mosquitoes.

Second place was shared between the Harcostar® 227 litre water butt, a best buy since 2006, the giant 350 litre capacity Harcostar® Magnum Barrel and the BeGreen® 100 litre slimline Mini Rainsaver Kit.

In third place, the 100 litre capacity Harcostar® Space Sava, also a best buy since 2006, is a slimline model, taking up minimal floor space and so ideal for the smaller garden.

Which? also tested rain diverters based on efficiency, likelyhood of blocking, ease of unblocking and ease of installation. Again Harcostar® came out on top and theDownpipe Raintrap was placed as the best diverter for non standard down pipes.

Stockists of Harcostar® products include Crocus, Ferndale Lodge, Harrod Horticultural and others.

BeGreen® products are available via Wickes, some garden centres, water company schemes and

20 years of Straight

As we reach 20 years at Straight Ltd we reflect on our achievements to date.

Credit for this has to be shared with our stakeholders who helped to make this possible: our customers; our suppliers; our advisors and our staff. Thank you to all of you.

We promise to continue to evolve over the next 20 years pushing the boundaries with innovative designs, groundbreaking products and an outstanding level of customer-focused service. We will continue to supply high-quality waste and recycling container solutions to anyone working to improve their environmental performance. Here’s to the next twenty.

The following is a timeline of our twenty years in business:

A visual breakdown of Straight Ltd's history over the last 20 years

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