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Local Authority: Chorley Borough Council


Resident consultation and analysis of calls made to Chorley Council’s contact centre confirmed that residents were unhappy with the Council’s existing kerbside recycling scheme and the containers used. The Council previously used several lightweight recycling bags to collect a range of materials. One of the residents’ main concerns was the amount of litter being left behind on collection day.

Coucil employees demonstrating how the inner caddies work with a two wheeled bin
A Black inner caddy on a white background

The Council transformed its recycling services with the help of Straight’s 40 litre Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy, which was rolled out to more than 45,000 households in the area.

The Wheeled Bin and Inner Caddy combination provides a much neater, more organised and effective solution for collecting recyclables. The Inner Caddy sits inside a standard wheeled bin, converting it into a multi-compartment recycling container. Therefore, additional containers aren’t required to separate collected materials and less floor space is used.

Chorley residents use the main compartment of their wheeled bin to collect glass, tins, cans and plastic, whilst the Inner Caddy is used to collect paper. Storing paper separately means that the paper is kept dry and the quality and value of the collected material remains high, as contamination issues are reduced.


  • New recycling rate of 48.5%.
  • Residents have more confidence in the new system, which has prompted a significant rise in resident participation and a reduction in litter complaints.
  • 11% increase in customer satisfaction levels.
  • 120 tonne increase of dry recyclables collected from the kerbside within the first 3 months of scheme introduction.
  • 2,842 tonnes of paper collected annually.

“Collection crews prefer the Inner Caddy as it drastically reduces the amount of manual handling required compared to the previous containers used.”

Jo Oliver, Waste Coordinator for Chorley Council.


  • Designed in conjunction with Bradford Metropolitan District Council.
  • First product of its type to be developed.
  • Over 1 million products sold to date.
  • Used by more than 20 councils across the UK.
  • 98% of all properties in Chorley now use the Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy.

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