Kerbside Box Distribution

Dartford Borough Council promotional material

Straight was successful in winning a contract from Dartford Borough Council to supply 40,000 of its 55 litre kerbside boxes and lids. The contract was designed so that the successful contractor would also deliver a comprehensive range of promotional and support services.

The 55 litre grab-rim kerbside boxes were introduced to replace an existing clear sack scheme for the collection of co-mingled recyclables. The aim being to increase recycling rates.

Central to the additional services supplied was a telephone helpline that ran from Straight’s Leeds-based contact centre but using a local Dartford telephone number. This was to help residents with any queries they may have had regarding the new scheme. More than 1400 residents called with all calls logged and reported to Dartford Borough Council.

A website was set up to provide information and to assist with resident queries. Hosted on the Straight server the site gave details on what to recycle, and dealt with frequently asked questions. Almost 1,000 hits were recorded on the site since it was set up.

In partnership with the Council, Straight staff also hit the roads of Dartford during October and November 2005 with the ‘Box It’ road shows. The service included arranging and setting up the shows, supplying promotional panels to explain the scheme and being on hand to answer any questions.

Dave Thomas, Waste Management Officer at Dartford Borough Council said: “The new boxes make recycling easier and cheaper as they are more user-friendly and eliminate the continual cost of replacing and delivering clear sacks. The whole scheme has been extremely positively received by residents. Straight Ltd have supplied us with an all round professional and efficient first-class service that encompassed all aspects of the company from the use of their contact centre facilities to marketing skills to.production and delivery of the boxes.”

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