Straight Solutions: Kitchen Caddy and Kerbside Caddy

Adding new material streams …

Local Authority: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council


Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council wanted to expand its recycling services by adding new materials to its kerbside recycling scheme in order to further divert waste away from landfill and increase its recycling rate. As more than 30% of the contents of the average household bin is made up of food waste, introducing a food waste collection was an obvious choice.

Kerbside Caddy being filled

The Council decided that offering a weekly kerbside food waste scheme combined with their existing garden waste collection was one of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

As part of their new scheme, the Council chose to rollout the Straight’s 7 litre vented Kitchen Caddy with perforated lid and compostable liners to more than 110,000 properties in the area. Residents use their Kitchen Caddy to collect food waste in the kitchen and transfer collected waste into their external garden and food waste wheeled bin ready for collection.

Straight also supplied Stockport residents with over 21,000 Kerbside Caddies for external use at properties that could not accommodate a full size garden and food waste wheeled bin.


  • Within 12 months, Stockport’s recycling rate significantly increased from 38% to 60% (Q1 2010 to Q1 2011).
  • Approximately 1,000 tonnes of food waste collected every month.


“Introducing our food waste collection has been key in helping us to save money on our disposal costs by sending less waste to landfill. It has also helped us to significantly boost our recycling rate, making Stockport the best in Greater Manchester – a big achievement for our residents who have shown a great commitment to recycling.”

Councillor Shan Alexander, Stockport Council’s Executive Member for the Environment.


  • More than 6 million Kitchen Caddies and over 3 million Kerbside Caddies sold.
  • Used together, the Kitchen Caddy and Kerbside Caddy provide the ultimate food waste collection system.
  • The market leading Kerbside Caddy is the UK’s best-selling outdoor food waste container and is used by more than 75% of local authorities with food waste collections.

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