Inner Caddy Success for Birmingham

A bin man tipping an inner caddy into a waste truck

Straight Ltd, the environmental products and services group, and the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of waste and recycling container solutions, has recently been awarded a £1.4 million contract with Birmingham City Council to supply more than 300,000 of its 55 litre Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy. The Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy converts a standard two-wheeled bin into a recycling station with two compartments.

Residents will use the main compartment of their wheeled bin to collect dry recyclable packaging, whilst the Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy will be used to collect both paper and card. The contract follows a successful trial in 17,000 households, where the product proved very popular with residents.

The combination of the Straight Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy with a standard wheeled bin provides a much neater, more organised and effective solution for the collection of recyclables. The market leading internal caddy converts a standard wheeled bin into a recycling station and allows a dual-stream comingled collection within the space a single wheeled bin occupies. Additional containers are not required to separate collected materials and less ground space is used. Two material streams can be kept completely separate thereby avoiding contamination. The Inner Caddy is also available in two other sizes; 19 litres and 40 litres.

In 2013 Straight also unveiled the Food Waste Inner Caddy, which is similar to the standard Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy except it features a caddy handle and a close-fitting lid, making it perfectly designed for the additional collection of food waste within a two wheeled container.