New Product – Food Waste Inner Caddy

A brown food waste inner caddy

Straight Ltd is proud to present its latest solution for food waste recycling, the Food Waste Inner Caddy, affectionately known as the FWIC.

The FWIC is a revolutionary and innovative product, creating two recycling streams inside a single 140l wheeled bin. Whilst the dual-stream concept has been seen before with the Straight Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy, the use of a lidded container with folding carry handle for food waste is a completely new concept.

The product was created in response to a request from Bournemouth Borough Council who were looking for an innovative food waste solution which would provide an insert system incorporated in their current refuse bin, requiring no additional bins at the property and on the street. During 2012 the council approached Straight Ltd to discuss ways in which the market-leading manufacturer of waste and recycling containers could facilitate the advancement of their ideas.

Straight was chosen to lead the project due to the company’s unrivalled expertise in inner caddy manufacture and its reputation for excellent product development skills. Positioning on all of the major container framework agreements was also a prerequisite in order to facilitate the procurement which was placed through the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO).

With a 12 litre capacity, the FWIC will hold roughly 6-9kg of food waste, dependent on the density of its contents. Bournemouth expects an average yield of 1.25kg/ per householder per week and will issue a Straight 23 litre Kerbside Caddy to any large families generating more than this amount.

The dimensions of the caddy were also important in order to accommodate larger food waste items such as chicken carcasses and potentially two to three bags of food waste per week.

The 12 litre insert can be used inside the 140 litre wheeled bin, avoiding any additional containers on the street or outside properties and only takes up 50% of the 140 litre bin aperture, allowing residents to deposit their residual refuse in the bin without needing to lift the insert out. It can also be used as a standalone container if residents wish, with its locking lid and carry handle.

Georgina Lamb, Waste & Resource Projects Manager at Bournemouth Borough Council commented,
“Aligned with our comprehensive communications campaign use of the new inner caddy containers should demonstrate value for money, increase recycling performance and deliver significant environmental benefits through waste reduction.”