EcoCaddy™ Plus

Two EcoCaddy's stacked on top of each other

The EcoCaddy™ Plus is a large capacity container, similar to the kerbside caddy but available in a range of sizes (30l, 35l and 40l) and includes a protruding aperture allowing access to all of the containers simultaneously when stacked.

The EcoCaddy Plus™ is the perfect solution for kerbside food or nappy collections.


The base of an EcoCaddy, revealing a hand grip
Strong ergonomic base

  • Truncated pyramid design with a rectangular base
  • Ergonomic hand grip on base for ease of tipping

Looking inside an open EcoCaddy Plus from the front
No sharp edges

  • Smooth inner and outer surfaces – no sharp edges

Blue hinged EcoCaddy
Hinged lid

  • Hinged lid – no lid pins
  • Twin hinges – allow the lid to open to 270 degrees

Open flap aperture allows material to be added even when EcoCaddy's are stacked
Easy access

  • Large front hatch – this allows access to the container even when stacked
  • Front hatch is sized to allow bottles to be placed through
  • Front hatch will remain in the “open” position and is designed to attach without pins

A blue EcoCaddy Plus with its handle up
Carry handle

  • Reinforced ergonomic handle – remains in the upright position whilst locking lid
  • Locking lid (by use of carry handle) with quick release on tipping
  • Handle is made using gas injection which allows resistance and durability with the required elasticity

A blue EcoCaddy Plus stacked on a grey EcoCaddy Plus
Nestable & stackable

  • Nestable for efficient transport, stackable for use in multi-container situations

A picture of the top of the Eco Caddy Plus with its lid down
Self cleaning

  • Top is designed to be self-cleaning and allows the drainage of rainwater

A recess in the design where a tracking chip can be placed
RFID chip compatible

  • Discreet space for fitting an RFID chip


Three colour options, green brown and grey
A range of colours

  • Available in a range of standard colours – grey (light or dark), dark brown, dark green, white, blue, yellow.
  • Other colours available on request

A green lid on a grey EcoCaddy Plus body
Lid & base colours

  • Different colours available in lid and body

Three different EcoCaddy Plus sizes available, shown in grey blue and yellow
A range of sizes

  • Available in 3 sizes: 30, 35, 40 litre

The recycled plastic logo
Environmental manufacturing

  • Can be created from post consumer recycled materials

A custom print that sayd 'food waste' on the front of a caddy
Available graphics

  • Graphics can be moulded into container as standard: Branding / Year of manufacture / Material type / Nominal volume
  • Optional screen printing of custom information including sequential numbering or bar codes if required
  • Custom labels in mono or colour
  • Photo labels (IML)


















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