Water Butts

Green Water Butt in a garden surrounded by flower pots.

Available from 100 litres and above, our market-leading water butts are suitable for every type and size of garden. We also supply a range of water butt accessories, including water butt stands, rain diverter kits, link kits and a water conditioner to keep collected rainwater fresh and clean.

A water butt in situ, filling a watering can.
Rainsaver Range

The UK’s best-selling water butt range is available in two sizes and is designed for both small and larger gardens. The Rainsaver® range comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard.

A water butt in situ, filling a watering can.
Garden Lake Range

This attractive wood grain effect barrel shaped water butt is available in two sizes, 95 and 200 litre. The Garden Lake Range comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard.

A barrel shaped water butt in situ
Harcostar® Range

A premium brand that offers the highest quality garden products, including compost bins and water barrels.

A black tap fitted onto a water butt
Water Butt Accessories

A variety of accessories designed to complement our range of water butts.

A tap insert in situ on a kitchen tap
Tap Devices

Tapmagic® tap inserts that reduce the flow of water and the Showermagic® flow regulator are both simple and effective water saving retrofit devices.

A blue dual flush toilet device
WC Devices

EcoBeta is a retrofit dual flush device. We also provide cistern displacement devices.

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