Hazardous Handling

A man at a supermarket adding batteries to a battery recycling tube

We offer a range of secure containers for the safe disposal, storage and transportation of hazardous waste. These containers are suitable for use in the workplace, at retail locations or in communal areas.


Three half full battery tubes of varying sizes
Battery Tubes >
For the collection and storage of batteries for recycling. Available in counter top and floor standing versions.
A blue box with two small hole in its lid and used batteries written on its side
Battery Box >
Supplied with two or three apertures for the collection, storage and transportation of a variety of battery types.
A full battery tube
Battery Bank >
This large stylish bank with a custom wrap around graphic is ideal for communal recycling areas or bring sites.
A red box with a handle and lid
Hazardous Waste Box >
Designed for the source separation of hazardous household waste, which can then be picked up from the kerbside or taken to a collection point.

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