Kerbside Recycling

A man in a collecting kerbside recycling

All of our market-leading kerbside collection boxes have been designed to be sturdy and functional, yet popular with both householders and collection crews.

We also offer our unique Wheeled Bin Inner Caddy as well as a selection of tough, durable recycling bags.

The three box stack by the kerbisde ready for collection
3BoxStack ™ >
The 3BoxStack ™ maximises source separation potential and labour efficiency whilst taking up the minimum possible footprint
Two kerbside boxes stacked on top of each other
Ergo Kerbside Box >
The market-leading, feature rich Ergo Kerbside Box is a proven winner, with more than 14 million units supplied in the UK alone
Two stackable recycling boxes on top of each other
Grab Kerbside Box >
Leading kerbside container which is popular with both householders and collection crews as it can be lifted from any point around the rim
Two stackable kerbside boxes
Flatside Box >
Based on the original UK kerbside box design, a simple and classic shape, suited to frequent collection programmes
Red recycling box with a net on top to secure contents
Kerbside Accessories >
A selection of accessories to complement our boxes, including windproof lids, lid nets, dividers, trolleys and tracking chips
A green wheelie bin with a separate compartment.
Inner Caddy >
Turns a standard two-wheeled bin into a recycling station with two compartments allowing a dual stream commingled collection from the footprint taken up by a single bin
A green kerbside caddy for food waste
Kerbside Caddy >
Market-leading caddy for the collection of food waste at the kerbside. Has a host of features ensuring suitability for purpose
Blue caddy with a protruding aperture with lid
EcoCaddy™ Plus >
Larger capacity containers including a protruding aperture allowing access to all of the containers simultaneously when stacked
A large yellow caddy for food waste
EcoCaddy™ >
With all of the features of the hugely popular Kerbside Caddy in a selection of larger sizes
A blue bag for recycling.
Box Bag >
A lightweight and compact recycling bag for kerbside collections or for transporting materials to a drop off site
A blue bag placed on top of a kerside box
Lid Bag™ >
A recycling bag designed to sit on top of a kerbside box. Generally used for collecting paper, it also serves to protect the contents of the box.

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