Workplace Recycling

A bottle being placed in a plastic recycle bin

An extensive range of innovative workplace recycling solutions specifically developed for the source separation of waste materials in the workplace. Also suited to schools, universities and hospitals, or anywhere else where waste needs to be separated out for recycling.


EcoSort trolleys with signs
EcoSort® Recycling System >
A flexible workplace recycling system with different sizes of bin body and a broad range of lids with colours and apertures for different material streams.
A step on bin with a grey body and red lid
EcoStep™ >
Aesthetically pleasing pedal operated bins designed for hygienic hands-free waste disposal.
Three blue deskside bins with a recycle logo on them
Deskside Containers >
Practical deskside containers suitable for any office and ideal for paper recycling collections from individual desks.
A large blue caddy with a black handle and easy access lid
EcoCaddy™ Plus >
Larger capacity containers including a protruding aperture allowing access to all of the containers simultaneously when stacked.
A large yellow caddy with a black handle
EcoCaddy™ >
With all of the features of the hugely popular Kerbside Caddy in a selection of larger sizes.
A blue bin on a base with wheels
Colour Coded Containers >
Brightly coloured containers for colour-coded recycling programmes.
A three layered modular recycling system
Recycling Module >
Modular system of front and top opening units which fit together in a variety of ways allowing the creative source separation of recyclables.

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