Straight butts are top of their class

A barrel shaped water butt in a garden

Straight Ltd water butts under the Harcostar® and BeGreen® brands have cleaned up in a survey conducted by Which? Gardening.

A total of 19 products were tested including butts from Ward and Sankey. Testing covered ease of use, flow rate and mosquito prevention.

Straight secured every one of the top five Best Buy water butts, all made in its UK factory. Manufactured using high quality recycled materials and renewable energy, all come with a five year guarantee as standard. Two more Straight butts under the BeGreen® brand also made the top ten list.

Harcostar® butts featured in first, second and third place. Sizes range from the 100 litre Space Sava Water Butt up to the 350 litre Magnum. All Harcostar® butts are made to the highest quality standards and are pre-drilled for both inlets and tap. A heavy-duty tap is included.

The Harcostar® 168 litre capacity water barrel scored first place with its wide top aperture allowing for a standard sized watering can to be dipped in as an alternative to using the tap. The water barrel was also praised for having an extremely close fitting lid, creating a safe barrier and reducing the risk of algae growth and mosquitoes.

Second place was shared between the Harcostar® 227 litre water butt, a best buy since 2006, the giant 350 litre capacity Harcostar® Magnum Barrel and the BeGreen® 100 litre slimline Mini Rainsaver Kit.

In third place, the 100 litre capacity Harcostar® Space Sava, also a best buy since 2006, is a slimline model, taking up minimal floor space and so ideal for the smaller garden.

Which? also tested rain diverters based on efficiency, likelyhood of blocking, ease of unblocking and ease of installation. Again Harcostar® came out on top and theDownpipe Raintrap was placed as the best diverter for non standard down pipes.

Stockists of Harcostar® products include Crocus, Ferndale Lodge, Harrod Horticultural and others.

BeGreen® products are available via Wickes, some garden centres, water company schemes and